Online Skydiving Ground School Training

Welcome to the new era of skydiving where we make skydiving accessible for those with busy lives but a mega desire in wanting to learn how to skydive! 

Learn to Skydive

B-License Water Training

A round training course to fulfill the requirement for the USPA B-license. 

First Solo Jump Course

 This is your first step in your skydiving journey. This first solo jump course is for those committed to learning how to skydive.

Currency Training

This course meets the ground training requirements for student and licensed jumpers getting current. 

Why Choose Ultimate Skydiving Adventures

There is a learning culture of fun with a focus of safety at the forefront. The team at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is highly experienced with over 35,000 jumps and over 4 decades in the sport. Need more reasons? Check us out HERE!

Can You Really Learn to Skydive Online?

In short, YES you can! Learning online has never been more accessible, and we're excited to offer this robust and thorough interactive training. All ground training methods are covered with interactive quizzes, ability to ask questions, self-paced, affordable, and accessible way to learn to skydive! 

Where Do I Start?

We're thrilled to offer several, digital online training programs for several phases of your skydiving journey. Discover which one is right for you!

Online Skydive School